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  • Vince


    Because we want to make sure your Flo works as it was intended, we strongly recommend that the installation is handled by a licensed plumber that can better assess the home's plumbing conditions, ensure that the installation meets the proper specifications, and will also be able to identify and troubleshoot any issues that arise. If you’re comfortable with handling these things yourself, you can install the Flo device in your home.

    The Early Adopter package we’re offering includes a combination of goods and services that we’ve combined and discounted specifically for these packages. 

    Some added details here. Installing your own Flo device will not void your device warranty, however, any damage incurred during the installation either from mishandling or improper installation will not be covered by Flo.

    Of course, please email us at support@meetflo.com for further questions or details. 


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